Soccer history

This story begins in a pub. During the Middle Ages, a kind of football was played in England. But in the nineteenth century, the game became popular among aristocratic young people in colleges and these young men tried to standardise the rules. One evening in October 1863, the leaders of a dozen clubs met in a bar in London to draw up the rules of the game. It was at this point that the Football Association came into existence.

In 1871, another group of clubs met in London to codify a version of the game. From this, the two versions differed in their full names, “Rugby Football” and “Association Football. “The name “Rugby Football” was shortened to “rugger” while the name “Association Football” was shortened to “soccer “.

The word “soccer” began to be widely used in the United States in the twentieth century. If the word “soccer” originated in England, why did it fall out of use there and become prevalent in the States? To find the answer to this question, Szymanski calculated the frequency of use of the words “football” and “soccer” in British news from 1900 onwards.

Football vs soccer difference

The most popular sport on the planet is called football in most parts of the world, but American English uses a different word for the familiar ball game – football. Football in its modern form originated in England, so many people think the term “football” is an Americanism, but it also comes from the British Isles. So there is no difference, it’s just that in the US they call European football Soccer, and by Football they mean American football, which in other countries is called rugby.

American football vs soccer

There is a very popular game in the world when 11 players of one team and 11 players of the other team run on the field and kick the ball with their feet, trying to score it in the opponent’s goal. All over the world, this game is called football. And for us, it’s a very familiar name. But Americans play their own football, which is so called American football (where the ball is oval and pass it with their hands). And to distinguish their football from that which originated in England and which is now played all over the world, they use the word soccer.

Which came first: football or rugby?

The word “soccer” has absolutely nothing to do with America. It appeared a little later than the word “football”, and appeared, of course, in England, because then nowhere else about the existence of such a game was not known. Not everyone knows that at the stage of the birth of football, he had a rival, and was very serious. Until the rules were written, everyone played as they knew how.

Over time, the game at some universities began to differ from others, and markedly so. At Rugby University, the game was played more with the hands – and this institution is considered the protégé of today’s rugby. Many argue about which game was born first – football or rugby.

Soccer vs football vs rugby

But one story is known that confirms the primacy of football: during another match, a freshman student named William Webb Ellis, who had no idea how to play, brazenly picked up the ball and carried it over the opponent’s goal line. He then amateurishly approached the referee to see if the goal counted. The reply was brilliant: “No, it wasn’t, but it was a great try!”. This is how the main rugby term “try” came to be, and it is what is known as bringing the ball into the opponent’s in-goal area. It soon became clear to everyone that Rugby and a few other universities were playing a very different game.

As the years went by, both sports grew in popularity. Eventually their governing bodies, the Football Association and the Rugby Football Association, were born. But both football and rugby were still called by the same word – “association football” and “rugby football”. This is when the confusion began: when the word “football” was mentioned, it was always necessary to specify whether it was Rugby football or non-Rugby football. Rugby was then called “rugger”. To distinguish between these two types of football, “association football” became known as “soccer”, short for the English word “association”.

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