Lionel Messi and President of Barcelona

Jorge who is the father of Lionel Messi who is the footballer of the Barcelona team, met Barcelona president in order to discuss the developing future of Argentina. Jorge is also an agent along with a footballer’s father and his son however wants to end the association with the Spanish club to end after 20 years. However, according to the journalist of the Spanish club namely Mr Guillem Balague, there was no such resolution done the other day and the decision is still pending and he believes that more discussions will be held over this in the coming time. He stated, “I think at some point we’ll enter the agreement phase. You can’t guess what happens”.

He has also confirmed that Messi has already been convinced by the Premier League Club after Manchester City has signed the Ballon d’Or who has won for the six-time in total. But still, Messi is having an argument over the contract which has some clause, and if Messi is not given the dree transfer, then Barca has no choice but to accept the reward which is very less than his own buy–out clause that is worth about 700m euros. 

Lionel Messi's father - Jorge

According to the report of BBC Radio 5 Live, the journalist of the Spanish club has stated that Manchester City really wants to get to work so hard that this contract is accepted, and it all depends on the number of matches to be played. The clause was all about the ability of Messi planning to leave Barca on a free transfer and this clause was extended to the year 2021. It is mentioned in the clause that Messi can only leave the club only if he informs them before the 10th of June and the reason behind that is that the session is to be ended on the mentioned date. However, due to the pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus, the date of the session was extended to 23rd of August and it was just two days before Messi had announced to leave the Spanish club.

Another date of the meeting is still not clear, but it is confirmed that there will be a meeting held in the coming time. Jorge Messi who is the father and agent of Messi has said that he can leave the club for free and they carry the legal right for it. But still, Barcelona is affirmative, and they state that ‘700m euros, that’s the cost of him leaving. We do not want to sell’. On the other hand, Manchester City is stating that ‘if we have to pay a transfer fee and wages, we won’t be able to do so’.

Messi has already decided that he does not want himself to belong to Barcelona and if seen legally they are more right in their place rather than being completely wrong. In case if there is any court case, then the agreement will be done on Messi will leave the club in the end.