Gareth Bale Wales footballer

Gareth Bale has scored 33 goals in a total of 83 games and is a leading player of Wale has confirmed the return of Wales and Real Madrid to the Premier League. Gareth Bale who is a forward football player of Wales has been accepting the offer of returning to the Premier League but the only problem is Real Madrid as they are making it really hard for him to leave the team and move to the other side of the football team. 

It was because of the lack of playing time that Bale got frustrated with and he moved to China last year before even Real Madrid could block his move. There are so many clubs that are interested in signing the football player Bale who is 31 years old to play in their team, but his agent has already stated that he is not going to play from any side of the team. 

Gareth Bale the footballer is in great shape

In the interview with the Sky Sports, Bale has stated: “I tried to leave last year but they [Real Madrid] blocked everything at the last second”. He was also found saying about the project which was not executed as he said: “It was a project I was excited for last year, but it didn’t materialize. And there have been other instances, but the club won’t allow it or something, so it’s up to the club.” 

Despite his age, he is still willing to play as he says “I want to play football. I’m still motivated to play football. I’m 31 but I’m in great shape still and I feel I’ve got a lot to give.” He has also said about the difficulties created by the club for him, as he says that “We’ll see what happens. It’s in the club’s hands and they make things very difficult, to be honest.”

He has also won the La Liga titles two times in total and the Champion League for the four-time when he played with Real Madrid but his lack of respect towards Zidane was much more intensified as accused by his critics. The critics have also accused him of sleeping in the stands and he was also pictured while using a roll of tape as a telescope. All these activities suggested that he was doing it as he found that the 31-year-old football player is going to be an unused substitute. 

He has said in an interview that how in dire need he is to play the game “I want to play football and I’m still motivated to play football. I’m only 31 and feel I’m in great shape still”. He doesn’t want to return to the Premier League for about seven years if Real Madrid will ever try to sell him. Currently, he is with Wales and is on the duty of the Nations League and he has also been linked with Tottenham and Manchester United.